Here you can find the complete and updated informations about our House and ALTA BADIA:

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We would like to remind you that it is strictly forbidden to smoke any kind of sigarettes inside of the building.
If you should violate this rule and cause a false alarm, you will be charged for the intervention of the fire brigade (fines up to 3.000,00 euro).


Our Reception is on the ground floor and it is open from Monday to Saturday from 07.35 to 22.00, Sunday from 07:35 to 10:00 and from 14:55 to 22:00.

You can call us by dialing 600 on the phone that you can find in your room.

We are at your disposal for informations and, why not, for a chat.

Check in from 15.00 to 22.00 (within 20.15 for the dinner) - Check out within 10.00.

Due to organisational reasons, we invite you to settle your bill the day before your departure after the dinner. The bill can be payed cash (until 5.000,00 €), by credit card (Visa and Mastercard), bank card or cheque.

For further informations about our terms and conditions, please visit the "Included services" section of our website.

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Our dining room is on the first floor on the right.

Breakfast is served from 07.30 to 10.00, dinner from 19.00 to 20.30 (arrival time).

As our staff has to set up the tables for the breakfast, therefore the dinner service for our house guests ends with the dessert.

Please go to the bar
, at the ground floor of the hotel, if you wish to have a coffee and/or a grappa.

The menu is chosen in the morning for the evening.

Check out our Wine list

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Our Bar is open from 09.00 to 23.00.

Our Taverna is on the ground floor on the right and is the ideal place for a pleasant break after a fun ski day or a mountain hike.

It offers home prepared panini, snacks and aperitives, without forgetting cakes and coffee. Check out the Bar card.

From 12:00 to 14:00 we do serve some dishes from our kitchen!

In the Winter: Happy Hour on beer and spritz from 17:30 to 18:30!!!

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Our Hairdresser "Da Verena" is on the first floor on the left.

For an appointment call 610 from the phone in your room or call +39 339 839 46 36.
We advice to reserve your appointment before your arrival as Verena is very busy :).

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For internal calls, dial the number of the requested room or the internal number.

Reception: 600
Da Verena: 610

For external calls dial the number "0" followed bythe phone number you wish to call. The cost of the call is 0,9 € per unit. The unites are not time related and it regularity depends from the dialed number.

Alarm clock: *68#hhmm

For night emergencies call +39 0471/83 60 74.

Medical emergencies: 112.

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To close:

- Close the door.
- Enter a code of your choice with min. 4 and max. 6 digits.
- Press the LOCK (L) button.

To open:

- Enter the personal code you have previously set.

At the end of your stay, we kindly ask you to leave the safe open!

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Our skiroom is on the first floor on the left and has direct access to the slope "Colfosco".
It is equipped with a private locker for each room provided with skiboot heaters, gloves heater and a shelf for your helmets.

To close:

- Close the door.
- Press the "C" button followed by a 4 digits code of your choice and press the "key" symbol button.
- Close the handle.

To open:

- Press the "C" button followed by the 4 digits code you have previously set and press the "key" symbol button.
- Open the handle.

At the end of your stay, we kindly ask you to leave the locker open!

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Our new Mini Spa is on the third floor on the left and it is open from 15.30 to 19.00.

Children under the age of 12 and unaccompanied teenagers from 13 to 17 years are not allowed.

The light blue towels are in your room. If you wish to have a bathrobe
, please ask at the Reception. It costs 10,00 euro per stay/change.

Always have a shower and thoroughly dry before entering the Panoramic Sauna, the Steam Bath and the Relax Room.

Swiming suits are not allowed.

We recommend using the Wellness Area only if in good physical condition and in any case the use of the same is always under one's own responsibility.

Do not access the SPA area if suffering from infectious or contagious skin diseases or with wounds that have not fully healed even if covered by bandages and plasters.

It is forbidden to introduce and/or use razors, blades and glass objects.

The use of any type of personal hygiene product (peeling, depilation, creams, oils and masks) is not permitted, but already available shower gel and shampoo may only be used in the shower.

According to the law on privacy, it is forbidden to take photos or make videos inside the structure without the permission of the people who are photographed or included in the video.

For hygienic-sanitary reasons it is forbidden to introduce and consume food or drink from the outside.

Alcohol is strictly prohibited.

It should be noted that continuous surveillance by collaborators or management is not guaranteed within the Wellness Area, but they will be able to access at any time or be called in case of need by calling no. 600


The button in the Sauna is an alarm! Only press in case of emergency!
- Do not worrie, nobody will see you! The reflection of the daylight and the led lights under the benches do the trick.
- Enter the Sauna just with the towel and barefoot (no swiming suits!!!). Sit or lie down and relax for 8 - 15 minutes.
- It is never appropriate to sit directly on the bench. Make sure that the sweat falls on the towel you sit on so that it never reaches the wood.
- Sit down the last two minutes in order to avoid dizziness when you stand up.
- Massage your body with the ice from the Crushed Ice Fountain or have a cold shower.


The button in the Steam Bath it is an alarm! Only press in an emergency!
- Enter barefoot, rinse the seat with the shower before and after bathing, and sit or lie down comfortably.
- After the bath have a lukewarm shower and relax.
- Do not leave the door open! Too much steam in the shower area can trigger the fire alarm!


- Massage your body with the crushed ice from head to toe and experience the pleasant art of this cool effect. You are recommended to start from the limbs towards the body.
- Pay particular attention tho the neck and the wrists. The cooling has its best effect after a sauna or a steambath.


- Choose to have a normal shower, a light cold rain or let the random program surprise you.


- Lie down on the waterbeds or on our hand made wooden chairs. Relax while you admire the breathtaking view of the Dolomites.

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To connect to our wi-fi network follow these steps:

- Connect to the “Hotel-Sport” network
- If the welcome site does not open, click on the following link:
- Insert your room number and date of birth ( in the “ROOM LOGIN” box.
- Click on "LOGIN“.

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We installed two charging points for electric cars in our Garage. The cost of the parking space (if not included in the price of the room) and the cost of the charge are to be considered extra.

Connect the cable to the car.
- Frame the QR code above the charging point.
- Enter Surname, Date of Birth and Room Number and continue.
- The cost per KW/H and some information will be displayed. Accept and continue. The cost of charging will be charged directly to your room.

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The cleaning service of the rooms/suites is provided every day.
If the "Do Not Disturb" tag is posted after 13:00, the service will be provided the following day.
The change of linen is provided for stays of at least 7 nights.

If you wish to avoid having to change linen out of respect for the environment, please notify the Reception.


We would like to remind you that it is strictly forbidden to smoke any kind of sigarettes inside of the building.
If you should violate this rule and cause a false alarm, you will be charged for the intervention of the fire brigade (fines up to 3.000,00 euro).

There is an escape and rescue plan in your room. Please take your time to read it through.

In case of fire you will be warned!
Please follow the instructions of our staff and keep calm.
Should you discover a fire, report it immediately by pushing the alarm button.

Phone number: 112

Exit the hotel by the emergency exits indicated by the signs.
Should the escape route be obscured by smoke, close the door and stay in the room, attract attention from the window and wait for the fire brigade.
Do not use the elevator.

The emergency doors in the new part of the hotel are for emergencies only!
Attention: these doors are alarmed!

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There are currently no restrictions related to Covid-19.

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The information contained in this document may be changed without notice.
Via Val, 26
39033 Colfosco
Trentino Alto Adige - Italy
+39 0471 836074